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Create an External Link to a Website in a Blackboard Item Description

Begin by copying the URL (web address) of the desired website. To do so, navigate to the desired page in your browser, highlight the URL with your mouse, and hit CTRL + C (copy) on your keyboard. This stores the URL for later use.  You can also Right-click on the link and select Copy on the menu.

Log on to Blackboard and enter your course. Once you are in your course, click on the content area button where your desired item is located.

Find the item that you wish to revise. Click on the double-down arrow next to the item’s name, then click Edit.

Under Text, Instructions, or Description (depending on what type of item you are revising), click in the text box where you would like the link to appear within the text.  Using your mouse, highlight the words in the text editor that you wish to turn into a link to a webpage.  Click on the Hyperlink icon in the text toolbar.

A new window will appear prompting you for details about the link you are creating. Put your cursor in the field next to Link Path, then hit CTRL + V (paste) on your keyboard. This will paste the link location that you previously copied to the Blackboard item you are now editing. Next, it’s good practice to include a Title to assist with individuals who are using screen readers or other adaptability software.

To insert the link you have chosen, click on the Insert button.

You will now see the word(s) that you highlighted appear as a link. To confirm your edit, click Submit.


Last edited by Ryan O'Rourke 8/9/2014

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