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Locate the Blog from the Blogs link in the Tools content area, click on the double-down arrow next to the Blog title, and then select Edit.

Scroll down to the Grade Settings section. Select Grade and enter Points possible in the textbox. Then check Show participants in "needs grading status" and specify the number of interactions required before students are shown in Needs Grading status. Note: if the checkbox for Show participants in "needs grading" status is unchecked, students' entries will not be shown in Needs Grading under Grade Center in Control Panel.

You can also associate a rubric with this blog using the Add Rubric button. If you need instruction on how to associate a rubric, please click here.


Click Submit.


To grade students' entries, click on Needs Grading under Grade Center.


Click on a student's name to view and grade his/her entry.

After reviewing the entry, click on the Edit Grade button.


Enter a grade and provide feedback as necessary, then click Save Grade.

Click on the Exit button in the lower right corner to go back to the Needs Grading page and select another student to grade.

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