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Then, Click on open Button.


Determine the point value of the assignment. If you would like to add rubric to this assignment, click Add Rubric button. For more information about rubric, please click here (from the second screenshot).


You have to decide if you want this assignment to be visible to students and/or set availability dates. Remember that if you set up date restrictions make sure to set up both start date and end date, and you have to select the dates and time through calendars and clocks.


You can also set up a Due Date for the assignment. If you want this assignment showing on the module page at student view, you NEED to set up due date for it.


Select Recipients as Groups of Students, then select a group to assign the assignment by using the right-ward arrow button to move the group to the Selected Items box. Left-ward arrow button can be used to move the selected groups back.


Click Submit button to finish.


To grade the assignment, go to Grade Center.

Locate the assignment column, click on the "!" mark, when double down arrows shows up select View Grade Details


A new screen appears. Click on View Attempts button to view student's attempts.


Click on the attached assignment to open or save it.

Click on Save button if you need to save it on your local drive.

Select location to save the file. Click on Save button.

After reading the assignment, enter a grade for the group. You may also give some feedback to the group. If you need to attach files, click on Browse My Computer or Browse Course button.

Instructional Notes and its attachments will not be seen by students.

Click on Submit to finish.

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