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Creating and Adding Students to a single group    Video Version   return to previous page


On the Groups screen, click on Create Single Group. You may also choose Self-Enroll or Manual Enroll. If you choose Self-Enroll, students need to enroll themselves into the group. If you choose Manual Enroll, you need to enroll students to the group. In this example, let's select Manual Enroll.


On the Create Group screen, you will first need to assign a name to the group and give it a short description, or perhaps outline the goal, objective or assignment for the group.

Select Yes if you want the group to be available at this time.

Next, you can select the tools the group will be able to access. If you have enabled the Discussion Board function, you will need to add a forum to the discussion once you have created the group.

If Grade under Blogs, Wikis, Journals is selected, the Show participants in "needs grading" status after every ____ entries and the Add Rubric button appear. If the checkbox for Show participants in "needs grading" status is checked, instructors will be able to grade students' entries in Needs Grading under Grade Center in Control Panel. Click here to find the detailed information on how to grade interactive tools in Needs Grading.


Select Allow Personalization if you would like to allow students to personalize group space modules.

Now you need to select the members for the group. Select student names and use the arrows to move students to the Selected Items box.


Click on the Submit button to create the group.


After clicking on Submit, you will receive a receipt that the group was successfully created. 



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