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Creating grade center categories   return to previous page


Categories are used to organize Grade Center data. This tutorial will show you how to create a category and associate columns with that category.

Login to your blackboard course, Click Grade Center in Control panel and select Full Grade Center.


Click on the Manage button and select Categories.


On the Categories page, you can create new categories to organize Grade Center columns. To create a new category, click on the Create Category button.


Enter a category name and a description. Then, click on the Submit button.


The new category will appear on the Categories page.


To associate a Grade Center column with this category, go back to the Grade Center page, locate the column, click on the double-down arrow next to the column title, then select Edit Column Information.


Click on the drop-down arrow next to Category, then select the category that you want to assign the column to.


Click Submit to finish.


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