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To add a essay question to a test click on the Create Question button inside of the Test Canvas. Select Calculated Formula from the drop-down menu. For more information about creating a test, please click here.

In section 1, you can give the question a title.

Next, type the question into the Question Text field using letters in brackets for the variables, as seen in the example below.

Enter the Answer Formula using the formula builder tool.

In section 2, for questions which can be answered within a range, you have the option of defining that range.  You may check the checkboxes for Allowing Partial Credit or making Units Required.

Click Next to continue.

In section 1, define the values of the variables in the question.

In section 2, select the number of decimal places for the answer and enter the number of answer sets.

Click on the Calculate button to generate the answer sets.

If you want to delete an answer set, click on the Remove button. To recalculate the answer set, click on the Calculate button.

You have the option to provide Correct Response Feedback and Incorrect Response Feedback for students to see after they submit the question.

In section 3, you have the option of creating various ways of organizing and classifying questions. This is not required.

In section 4, type any comments you want to have for yourself in the Instructor Notes box. This text is not seen by students.

Click on Submit to finish.

A success message appears at the top of the screen. Now click on Show question details to see the question you have created.

A new window will show the summary of your question, as seen in the example below.

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