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Click the drop down arrow next to the name of the item to be selected.


Click Edit Column Information.


On the new page, click the drop-down arrow next to the Add Rubric option under heading Column Information, and you will see the following three options:

a. Select Rubric is used to associate a Rubric that has already been created in the course.

b. Create New Rubric option allows you to create an associated Rubric (a pop-up window is displayed where a Rubric can be created instantly).

c. Create From Existing allows an old Rubric to be used as a template in order to create a new Rubric.


Select Rubric:

When click on Select Rubric, the Select Rubrics page opens. Check the rubric that you would like to use, then click Submit.

The rubric is now associated with the selected item in Grade Center.

Create New Rubric:

If choosing to create a new rubric, the Create Rubric page will be opened. If you need instruction on how to customize your rubric, please refer to the Create a Rubrics tutorial (starting from the 4th screenshot).

Create From Existing:

If clicking on Create From Existing, the Select Rubrics page opens. Select the one that you would like to create from and click Submit.

Now you can edit the rubric according to your specific need. When finished, click Submit.

No matter which option you have used to associate a rubric with the selected item, when the rubric is added, there are several options you can set as indicated below:


1. Remove Rubric Association

2. View Rubric

3. Edit Rubric

4. Choose the rubric association Type: Used for Grading (total scores will be displaying in the grade column) or Used for Secondary Evaluation (scores must be entered manually in the grade column). If you associate multiple rubrics with a gradable item, only one rubric can be Used for Grading.

5. Show Rubric to Students: you can choose from No, Yes (With Rubric Scores), Yes (Without Rubric Scores), and After Grading.  

 Show Rubric to Students offers four options for rubric visibility:

  • No does not allow students to view the rubric at any time.
  • Yes (With Rubric Scores) allows students to view the rubric when you make the item available, including possible point or percentage values.
  • Yes (Without Rubric Scores) allows students to view the rubric when you make the item available, but does not include the possible point or percentage values.
  • After Grading allows students to view the rubric only after you have completed grading their submissions.


When finished adding a rubric, click on Submit.

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