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How do I:
1.Make a Course Copy
2.Merge Course Enrollments
3.Change the Entry Point of a Course
4.Activate a Blackboard Course Site
5.Enroll a New ISU User to Blackboard Site
6.Add a Missing Tool (Tool Availability)
7.Sign up for Blackboard Workshop
8.Help Students Minimize Problems for a Blackboard Test
9.Help Students Minimize Problems for a Respondus Lockdown Browser Test
10.Reset a Quiz Attempt
11.Edit Running Weighted Total
12.Display Letter Grade in Grade Center
13.Download Grade Center Data
14.Backup and Export a Course
15.Import a Course Package (Previously Exported) to a New Course Site
16.Archive a Course
17.Grade an Assignment
18.Download an Assignment
19.Check on Students with the Performance Dashboard
20.Extend Exam Date
21.View Grade Details
22.Adjust Settings in Grade Center
23.Exclude an Item from Total Calculation


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